KDT Investments offers the support and convenience of a small family office that is personalized to your needs and driven by transparent, cost-effective investment strategies that protect and grow your wealth.

KDT is a growing independent investment firm based in Mauritius, servicing an international client base. KDT offers both discretionary and advisory investment management services. KDT does not act as a custodian. Clients hold their assets in their own names and therefore have the security of the larger institutions combined with the high quality service of a small investment firm. KDT also offers a global consolidated analysis and reporting of single or multiple investment portfolios (including local tax reporting if required).

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We Are

We are a small dedicated team who will listen to you and assess your requirements.  We are flexible and combine both youth and experience to help deliver a modern investment portfolio with an appropriate risk profile. Our portfolios are designed to grow your capital and income returns in the short, medium and longer term.  We are authorised by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius to provide investment advice and are of course subject to their statutory audit and regulatory requirements.

We Have

We have good access and significant experience dealing with major banks and investment brokers in Europe and the USA.  We have close working relationships with many Trust and Corporate Service Providers in Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Monaco, Bermuda and other offshore jurisdictions.  We also work closely with onshore legal and accounting experts to ensure full reporting and compliance as circumstances require.  We have excellent access to the latest research of the top European and US firms.

We Offer

We offer good advice and strive to deliver the best and most efficient solution for our clients, many of whom have worked with us for over 15 years.  We offer our clients the security of either retaining their own trusted bank/investment broker or selecting from our well known reputable investment providers.  In all cases the investment/broker fees are negotiated to the minimum possible level for our clients and we accept no retrocession or fee sharing from the investment providers.

Working For

Our clients come from all walks of life : farmers, teachers, professional sportsmen and women, company directors, investment bankers etc.  When they are busy with their careers they may ask us for advice and assistance to work with or help select their investment bank/broker and establish a prudent investment strategy. At or near retirement our clients may ask for advice on how to supplement their income when career earnings have ceased or are winding down.  Our clients rely on our extensive experience managing investment portfolios for optimum performance with an appropriate risk.  Our good working relationships with custodian banks and brokers, the trustees and expert advisors often adds significant value to our clients and ultimately to their investment returns.


We are flexible and aim to provide you with the support and convenience of a small Family Office. Our knowledge and experience of banking and broking relationships, and our close working relationships with legal, tax and accounting professionals will help you to obtain the best possible result for your private and family affairs.


We are dedicated to provide a service excellence with the best possible investment return for our clients at a modest and appropriate level of risk. We are transparent and accept no retrocession or fee refunds from our investment partners in order to obtain the lowest possible fee structure for our clients.


In today's global village, with a vast number of different and competing investment providers, we can share with you our experience of those individuals and firms who retain the integrity and the skill to help you and your family navigate the marketplace.